Thursday, 31 May 2012

Necron progress and some work on the Grey Company!

Hello all,

First off nice to see that there has been some activity in the form of people viewing the blog - always nice to see and keep me motivated.

As the title suggests, progress is being made in several areas and I even have pitucres to prove it. First up I'll start with the necrons.

So, in the picture above is the first 7 man necron squad and my custom cast bases for thescarab swarms. Some close ups of the Warriors below.

Nothing special here, simple gaming standard models to help me get a force on the table. Airbrushed with P3 Pig Iron, drybrushed with VMC Gunmetal followed by VMC Oily Steel. Guns painted black with 2 grey highlights (I may redo these, used P3 Thamar black and its coverage was less than good and glossy to boot). Hit the whole model with a Badab black wash and a quick drybrush of oily steel for the shine.

To make my Scarab swarms that little more imposing I've custom cast a base for them. Nothing pretty and a complete rush job, but it will do what it needs to do.
Lots of clean up and prep work to do on these but looks like they'll turn out fine.

Now for something I'm extremely pleased and proud about. My grey company list includes Aragorn with an elven cloak so I set about converting/sculpting what I needed. Now I cant scult for my life yet with patience, perseverance and a little work each night for about 8 - 10 days I came up with the model below. Its based on the old Helm's Deep Aragorn (by far my favourite version of him) and is currently looking like this:

I'm pleased with it - its actually a very smooth scult that I managed and has filled me with a little confidence that has bouyed me on to thinking about my next greenstuff attempt (probably going to be furs and such for my space wolves when I get round to them.

Finally, I have a plea - if anyone has any metal Uruk Hai Scouts with bows (need 9), Shields (need 13) or Metal Warg Riders (1 with bow, 5 with spears/swords) then please get in touch as I am in need of them for my 700 point Uruk Hai scout force (more on that in a later post.)

Thanks for reading,

Segmentum Obscurus Studios 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Army Lists.

Hello all,

More text from me today I'm afraid - this time its the army lists I intend to work to for the forseeable future.

LOTR 700 Points Grey Company

Aragorn - Elven Cloak
Gimli - Elven Cloak
Legolas - Elven Cloak
Elladan and Elrohir - Elven Cloaks
Halbarad Dunadan - Banner of Arwen Evenstar.

To change the list to 600 points is nice and simple, remove Halbarad and replace him with a Ranger of the North. This list is almost built - I have an issue with a missing blade on one of the elven twins. Gimli is no further than he was in the last picture but the other models have at lease had thier skin and elven cloaks base coated.

40K 600 Points Necrons

Overlord - Phylactery, Tachyon Arrow

7 Warriors
7 Warriors
7 Warriors
6 Flayed Ones
7 Scarab Swarms

591 Points total.

This list is also almost built - at the moment I'm procrastinating about cleaning up and pinning my metal flayed ones. Also I'm thinking of casting some custom bases for the swarms to have a few scuttling scarabs on to help add some extra to the bases. I need to purchase an overlord for this list and have a small conversion idea for him.

Painting wise for these guys I ant to bash them out and get them done, I have an airbrush now so I think that they'll be the first contenders for its use. Nice simple silver scheme, black guns, green chest pieces and a green/golld trim on thier back carapace. I also have some lovely custom necron dice for these guys so a nice decent dice bag is definately in order as may be some custom objectives.


I'm still undecided to be honest. I have my lizardmen built and gameable with the exception of the characters and a nice quick airbrush/washes paint scheme seems the obvious choice here. My Warriors of Chaos have had their mounts built, based and basecoated along with the bases being painted but I'm not sure on how I want to paint them yet.

Other things I'm considering are some one off pieces. There is a painting challenge on the bolter and chainsword ( which I am very tempted to convertin and paint up a Guardians of the Covenant Master for and I've also just recieved a box with 15 on sprue space wolves that I want to get on with (these may or may not replace my necrons in time).

Till next time.

Segmentum Obscurus Studios

Monday, 14 May 2012

Overcoming hobby burnout

Thats the beginning of my return from hobby burnout! 6 models, 700 points and all characters. Also its me
trying new methods of painting - white undercoats and paints so thin it takes 10+ coats to block in a the moment I'm looking at something in the region of 60 layers just for the cloak, I think it
looks amazing though!

Along with Gimli there will be the following: Aragorn, Legolas, Haldir with Banner, Elladan and Elrohir.
Totals out at exactly 700points and is small enough for me to be able to lavish some time and attention on
the models. I do want to get some other LOTR forces done but these are a priority until I work out
something definitive.

I've been out of hobby mode since before christmas, I've no group to play with and no incentive to get
going - my last game was at a local school club which I help out with. I've been out of the hobby with
respect to larger games for a few years now  and have sold all of my tournament ready forces off so I need
to work on new ones! With this in mind my current plan is to create a force for each system based around the school league rules and go from there onwards.

40k (600 Points) - Necrons
LOTR (600 Points) - Grey Company
WFB (800 Points) - Mounted Warriors of Chaos.

I'm still finalising list ideas and such at the moment but I have a fair idea so far. I think I'll put a post
up later in the week with the lists and some progress on my grey company to begin with.


Segmentum Obscurus Studios.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Thoughts on Fantasy

Hello all,
I’ve recently been thinking a lot about Warhammer and the school league format. I’ve very little experience playing in 8th edition (though that is slowly changing) and built myself a Lizardmen force to use to begin with. I have, I must admit, a love-hate relationship with Warhammer Fantasy Battles – I love the history, the rules and the models for many armies and units, yet I hate the fact that some of those armies or units are unfeasible for various reasons.
I spend far too much time reading the black library novels and this in turn fires my imagination and desire to produse units and armies (and in turn means I cannot keep focussed on any single force for very long). I love the fact that 800 points can be extremely restrictive and so completely different to the now standard 2400 tournament sized game.
As part of my ponderings I’ve been trawling the forums looking at army lists and trying to design my own. I came across a brilliant post on Warseer the other day about 1000 point games and one user posted up an evil Night Goblin list. I’ve spent some time communicating with them and have refined the list to the following:
Night Goblins - Da Red Squigz
Night Goblin Warboss, Light Armour, Shield (61)

Night Goblin Shaman, lvl 2, Feedback Scroll (135)

44 Night Goblins, Shortbows, Full Command, Netters, 1 Fanatic (232)

5 Squig Hoppers (60)

5 Squig Hoppers (60)

Squig Herd : 12 Squigs, 8 Herders (120)

Mangler Squig (65)

Mangler Squig (65)

Total 798 points

There's a bit of flexibility in there, you could replace the Shortbows of the block of Night Goblin with Spears or Hand Weapos for the same point cost (but at 800 pts I'd prefer the shortbows), the Squig Hoppers can be combined in an unit of 10, or dropped altogether for a second Squig Herd, of even for a big Squig Herd of 24 Squigs + 16 Herders.

Quite a nasty army, for the points! I love the fact that this list is completely competitive... when it works. There is a chance with so much random movement that I’m more likely to kill more of my units than my opponents!

There are however two other armies that have caught my attention recently and they are High Elves and Warriors of Chaos. The lists are below.

High Elf Sea Patrol Force
High Elf Noble, Armour of Destiny, Shield, Longbow (147)
20 Lothern Sea Guards, Shields, Full Command, Lion Standard (310)

14 Archers, Light Armour, Full Command (193)

Giant Eagle (50)

Repeater Bolt Thrower (100)
Total 800 Points
An all out shooting force, themed around the Sea Guard of Lothern and as an added bonus completely in keeping with the old storm of chaos rules that they used to have. The noble has a 4+ armour save twinned with a 4+ ward save. The sea guard can all fight in combat and the eagle can march block (is that still a valid tactic anymore?) and flush out things like fanatics or play catch with frenzied units.
Warriors of Chaos – The North Crow Tribe
Chaos Sorcerer, Barded chaos steed, Level 2, Spell Familiar (151)
5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Musician (81)
5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Musician (81)
5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Musician (81)
5 Chaos Knights (200)
5 Chaos Knights (200)
Total 794 Points
A fully mounted force with each unit striking at strength 5 on the charge. The wizard has 3 spells and will mostly use fire magic (taking the signature spell for a few 3d6 fireballs!). The Chaos knights are fear causing, magical attack nightmares with a 0+ save allowing the Marauders to flank charge and lay down even more strength 5 attacks!

So the only question that remains is which should I spend my time building and painting for the club campaign?


Saturday, 5 November 2011

600 Point Necrons

Hello all,

Finally managed to get a hold of the codex today and have been coming up with a few ideas. I'm wondering if at such a small points level it is possible to rely on a special characters ability - i.e. Anrakyr's ability to take over an opponents vehicle for the shooting phase on the roll of a 3+.

Anyways, here are a few lists and ideas that I have come up with so far:

Generic List

Overlord - 135
Staff of light, 2+ Save, Tachyon Arrow

10 Warriors - 130

10 Warriors - 130

6 Flayed Ones - 78

7 Scarabs - 105

Total - 578

Necron Air Force

Overlord - 180
Warscythe, Command Barge

7 Warriors - 91
Ghost Ark - 115

7 Warriors - 91
Ghost Ark - 115

Total - 592

Anrakyr's Host

Anrakyr - 165

Cryptek w/ Eldritch Lance- 35

10 Warriors - 130

10 Warriors - 130

5 Flayed Ones - 65

5 Scarabs - 75

Total - 600

Thats what I've come up with so far - though I have just re-read the royal court rules and realised that I can units of up to 10 models (300 points admittedly) armed with a staff of light each - thats 30 str 5, ap3, assault 3 shots a turn!


Segmentum Obscurus

Friday, 21 October 2011

600 Point 40k School League list ideas

Hello all,

Been thinking a lot recently about the school league and trying to come up with som competetive lists. So far I think I'm liking the look of the following:

Eldar - 600 Points

Farseer - 83pts
Doom, Singing Spear

5 Dire Avengers - 60pts
Wave Serpent - 140pts
Twin Linked Eldar Missile Launcher, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones

5 Dire Avengers - 60pts
Wave Serpent - 140pts
Twin Linked Eldar Missile Launcher, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones

Fire Prism - 115pts

Total - 598pts

Grey Knights Strike Force

Brother Captain - 100 Pts

Strike Sqaud - 110pts
Razorback - 50pts

Strike Sqaud - 110pts
Razorback - 50pts

Strike Sqaud - 110pts
Razorback - 50pts

Total - 580pts

Which is your preference? Any glaring problems?


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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

40k Campaign rules V.1

Hey Guys, welcome to my blog.

To kick things off I've put in the first section of the 40k campaign I'm thinking of running come September - I'll post more later on in the week once I get to grips with the software used for blogging.

Any questions, comments, suggestions just leave a comment - they're set for all t see and for all to be able to post them.



Players take it in turn to choose a single star system on the star map. Players may not choose an already occupied star system, nor may they choose one adjacent to an already occupied star system.


Players will be using the same forces for the majority of this campaign. Each player chooses a codex to use and needs to write and submit an army list adhering to the following force organisation chart:

·         600 POINTS
·         2+ TROOPS
·         0 – 1 ELITES
·         0 – 1 FAST ATTACK or HEAVY SUPPORT

In addition to the army submitted using the above the above force organisation chart each player must also submit a 150 point add-on force each campaign turn. This force does not have to comply to the force organisation chart but must follow one simple rule: You may not use these points for bolstering units or adding upgrades to the army list chosen previously.

For Example: A Space Wolf player may have a list consisting of a Wolf Guard Battle Leader, 5 Wolf Scouts, 2 units of 5 Grey Hunters in Razorbacks and 5 Long Fangs in a Razorback. They cannot use the extra 150 points to add models or upgrades to these units or models; they could however use the points to add in extra units totalling up to 150 points. To carry on this example the player chooses to add in 3 Wolf Guard with no addition equipment (54 Points) and a Land Speeder Tornado (90 Points). Any additional points are lost.

It is important that you design your army to be effective against all armies as you will not be able to change your 600 point list until the next Campaign Season (not to be confused with Campaign Turn).


The Campaign Season begins with the first Campaign Turn, new seasons will begin at the discretion of the Campaign Co-ordinator.